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Targeted Hits Pro delivers targeted traffic and quality targeted website hits daily

Here at Targeted Hits Pro we have created a smooth running auto traffic exchange site.

 Because we know how valuable of a tool TargetedHitsPro is as a targeted web site traffic source, getting online targeted traffic while boosting your Alexa ranking.

 Internet marketers are always looking for ways to increase targeted traffic to their business opportunities.

Here your site will also be seen by REAL people. Because we reward surfers with SURFING PARTY HITS, you know that people will be watching. The first thing you need when promoting online is targeted traffic, but when that traffic is LOOKING, it is more valuable.


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 You have my 100% commitment to keeping a clean, smooth running system for getting worldwide exposure for your business website promotions.

 Our goal is to build a partnership with our members. We will continually offer specials, contests and advertising incentives to REWARD You for choosing to advertise with us!

This is a No Virus, Spyware, Adware, Malware Zone

We strive to bring THE BEST Advertising Opportunities on the net to our members. We work diligently to make sure your surfing stays clean. This includes keeping offensive content off our Network! We monitor sites daily to make sure your marketing message is seen by Real People!

Upgraded Membership levels for enhanced site exposure designed with any advertising budget in mind. Get a 1:1 auto surf ratio and even more website traffic.  Up to Thousands of exposures to  your website every single day! Unleash the power of our auto surf advertising network.

Surf Party monthly events that give away free advertising, auto surf website promotion products and services and things that can equal increased targeted traffic to your site. These Surf Party events make Targeted Hits Pro a very unique and effective targeted web site traffic source with extra unique visitors to your website every day. We are the first auto traffic exchange to offer our member exclusive hosting for these events. Host your own Surf Party. Your affiliate or privately held website becomes the site of the month! We make it easy to get PAID sign ups!

Our Community is one of the best auto surf traffic exchange advertising agencies on the internet. Members support one another here. They auto surf and watch our site rotation daily! How do we know this? Simple! We answer hundreds of emails directly pertaining to the sites in our auto surf rotation, every week!



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With our auto traffic exchange site, you can earn free targeted hits effortlessly right now! Our members earn free advertising by watching our fully automated traffic exchange site rotation. While auto surfing for credits, you can earn and increase online traffic to your website totally free.  Simply open a browser and we do the rest. Earn exposures for your website, automatically!


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Our traffic system offers members the ability to surf and earn website traffic effortlessly. These credits are turned into valuable hits to your sites. Start experiencing the benefits that automated advertising provides!

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Targeted Hits Pro
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A free advertising membership on Targeted Hits Pro is capable of generating hundreds of targeted hits a day to your websites. However our site rotation is a sought after commodity after years of proven success. When you are ready to increase online traffic now and contribute as little as 4 cents a day for your website advertising and promotion budget, we will deliver an amazing level of exposures to your sites every day.

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Targeted Hits Pro your unlimited targeted traffic website source.

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